The next-generation of employee communication

Don’t just create – amaze

We believe your employees deserve the best when it comes to communication. They do not leave their brand experiences at home simply because they come to work, in fact they are more in-tune than you think. Thus employee engagement is much more than simply producing materials; it is building an experience that helps solidify your internal brand message from start to finish.


Being a virtual network allows for lower-cost and deeper savings. This lack of overhead translates into significant savings on every project you do with us. Do you really need us to have a Gold-Coast address? Really?


We have some of the best DP’s,producers, animators, VFX and photographers in the industry. In fact, some of the same talent the big house agencies use. Why pay more for the same thing. No seriously, why?


As we aren’t the typical, old-fashioned top down organization, the speed in which we are able to deliver is in a word, awesome. While others are sleeping, taking weekends off or eating, Balihoo is working for you.

We love what we do

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CTU Graduation

A recap of the 2016 CTU graduation event we produced.

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IABC World Conference

Encapsulating what it was like to be at the IABC World Conference.

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Wayne Tech Summit

A video promo to promote the Wayne Tech Summit.

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