We have in-house staff members who have worked in internal communications for some of the largest companies in the US and know first-hand what works and what doesn’t.  Moreover, they understand the difficulties IC departments face when trying to implement engagement projects and have helpful solutions to make the process easier.  So, when it comes down to it, Balihoo has seasoned IC professionals who can bring your engagement project to life in ways you haven’t imagined yet, but you soon will.


It’s a simple formula; understanding what motivates the employee and delivering on it.

Let’s Talk Employees!

Employee engagement is much more than simply producing materials; it is an opportunity to solidify your internal brand message from start to finish. Our team members are experts in internal brand awareness and will put their award-winning talents to work for you developing a custom approach to reach your goals.


These programs are generally lower budget and more one way in communication terms. You are communicating a directive, results or internal program. In the end, you are driving awareness and building an internal brand.


Specifically designed to incent an employee to strive for increased sales. Typically, they are incentive driven and competitive in nature. A “risk vs. reward” works well in this program combined with a solid communication structure.  When it comes to compensation communication is key.


Your employees have been trained however, there is a growing concern the critical information has fallen by the wayside. These programs are geared to reinforce the key trainings learned and help apply them.


An opportunity to shift the internal culture ever so slightly through various mediums and input methods. These are the most integrated of the programs and often the most impactful. They start with an email and go all the way through to a final event, meeting or show.