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Wayne Tech Summit

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We were recently asked by a client to help them with a "2-day technology summit" in which they would invite various people from the fueling industry to take part.  Once we understood the scope of their ask we knew this would be a very large event. Balihoo assisted with everything from floor diagrams, event badges, [...]

3D Modeling


Our client was in need of a more ‘upbeat’ and ‘energetic’ type video to help highlight some of the key branding statements of their commercial fuel dispensers.  We played around with several ideas and landed on this spot. We went in and really smoothed out the models to allow us to get in close [...]

ZTE Holiday

We were tasked to create 3D models of 3 phones and 1 tablet for a mobile phone manufacturer for a holiday video as well as product spots. Utilizing our 3D animators we jumped right to the task at hand and have created some pretty life-like 3D models. Had we outsourced this particular project to [...]

T-Mobile HMMS

T-Mobile approached us for a product launch of their HMMS service.  They wanted an animated video describing their new business service offering.  T-Mobile's brand is well known and being able to create an advertisement that fits fluidly into their brand is a challenge.  One that we happily accepted and created this animated video. [...]

NFL Play 60

We started off this idea with the thought that every boy who plays backyard football alone imagines himself in a brutal battle on the field with a worthy opponent.  The fun part is your imagination allows you to play both sides of the ball, so we wanted to show that on camera.  One boy [...]

Helix “Iconic” Campaign


This award-winning campaign was developed when our partner at Wayne Fueling Systems said they wanted a campaign for their new global fuel dispenser that was "way outside" the box.  BTW, this is the best type of work when we are forced to stretch our creative thinking.  We came up with one concept in particular that [...]