Corporate Events.

Those words alone conjure up thoughts of large screens, lights, LED panels and excitement. There is nothing wrong with that as long as that thinking is step 15 and not step number 1. Honestly, who wants to think about goals and objectives and potential outcomes because that isn’t sexy? Flashy lights and production is.

What type of TV would you like?

If you think of AV production as a TV, it helps put things into perspective. There are curved TVs, 4K TVs, 90” TVs, backlit TVs, TVs with built in surround sound and even smart TVs. That’s a lot of choice, but how do you really shop for a TV? You think of the space it is going in. Will it fit with the décor? And most importantly, you think about what shows you mainly watch (content). Now just imagine if you shopped for the TV without taking into consideration your room and/or the shows you watch. You’ll either have a TV that won’t aesthetically fit with the room, or you’ll change the décor of the room to fit with the TV. Either option is bad and not how you wanted the room in the first place.

Content is King

Too be honest, content, goals, objectives and presenters are the secret sauce that drive any event. Once the goals of the event are clear and the objectives solidified, you can then, and only then, shop for a “TV” that fits your criteria. Why? Because it will fit the need, not the other way around. You don’t buy a TV and then hope it fits the room and hope the shows play well on it.

Presenters need to be well polished and must rehearse their presentations for maximum impact. If you don’t think you need to rehearse, I suggest you read up on Steve Jobs. One of the best presenters in the technology industry, he never left anything to chance. He went through his message meticulously in rehearsals because he knew what he was saying and the visuals he was using needed to have impact. And boy did they.

So when you are shopping for an event provider, are you looking for bling or for an event that will drive a behavior or action from the first email invite all the way through the follow up campaign? Food for thought.