If you’re not thinking AR – you’ve already lost!

Is your company embracing augmented reality? Also known as AR, the phrase “augmented reality” conjures up all sorts of nerdy thoughts by executives. But to put it in laymen’s terms, AR is simply the process of overlaying an image, video, or 3D object on top of an existing video or scene. Every Sunday since 1998, we have been enjoying AR on our TV screens as we cheer on our favorite NFL teams. Sportvision was the first company to debut the 1st and 10 yellow line during a live game that year. Ever since, we have come to rely on that yellow line.

So how does this impact my company? Easy. There are things you could be doing at this very moment to replace current methodologies with AR. For example, we (Balihoo Productions) recently completed an AR project for a large pharmaceutical company in NJ. The AR piece was part of a larger project, and it allowed employees to use their own mobile devices (or an iPad available onsite) to bring retractable banners to life at an internal fair. The objective was to communicate corporate values in an engaging, quick, and digestible manner. By simply holding a mobile device to a retractable banner, the image would come to life and speak directly to the viewer conveying the desired information. Using AR in this manner turned a static awareness piece of creative into an interactive engagement piece instantly.


Here is where AR gets cool… on-boarding new employees. Think of your current process. You give a new employee a shirt, a hat, a new computer, a branded mouse pad, and a cube. In most cases, they self-guide around the intranet, and as we all know, the corporate intranet is SUPER engaging. They ask directions to different locations of the building and basically wander, alone and unguided. Now insert an on-boarding AR app. The employee can walk around the office getting a guided tour with a line showing them the way. They could place the phone over the CEO’s door and the CEO him/herself could walk out and personally welcome them with a brief message. Any artwork or poster is fair game to bring to life in this new world. You could even go so far as to augment the refrigerator by saying “please only eat YOUR food!” The possibilities are endless. The point is, you are now in control of the brand experience and are much more likely to create a brand ambassador out of that employee.


After a few weeks and once the employee has settled in, the app could assist them in hands-on training such as “how to use…” or “best practices for…” in the new training module. And there’s no need to worry about AR security. AR works with a visual marker to play and unless the user is in the environment with the complex markers, it will not work keeping your informationsecure. Additionally, you can privatize the app in the Apple Store or Google Play and even require even more secure logins. If you are in telecom, you can augment the latest and greatest device so everyone can place it on their desk and see it in action…live. Think of the cost savings as well as the ability to instantly put the same device in every employees’ hands. Augmented Reality will allow a single experience to be shared by all regardless of position in the company. This will ultimately serve the company well because when customers reach out and speak to different groups, they will get the same response.


The ability to show a customer what you are talking about cannot be overstated. We try this in various ways: laptops, brochures, print out sell sheets, etc. But nothing can replace the experience of seeing the product and being able to walk around it in 360 degrees. Imagine being able to show your product to your customers right in their own environment. It’s an incredibly powerful sales tool. Your product, in their office, home, or wherever they are…right now, instantly. The brand message can be tailored to suit whatever KPI you are trying to drive. And the experience is theirs. Where do I sign?

AR isn’t about being the newest or coolest tech. It’s about driving brand consistency and revenue faster than your competition. And guess what? They are reading this too.

Let us help you unleash the power of AR for your business today.